ACT vs. SAT testing

Student Writing 2002

Students ask this question on daily basis. They want to know the difference between two and which one is easier. Or which school prefers which test and so on.

It honestly depends on which state are you studying in United States and for worldwide which SAT testing or ACT is offered in your country. If ACT testing is done in your state then your high school will be preparing you in to take ACT and vice versa. Bottom line is, try taking all tests once and see which is easier for you. Then continue getting higher scores on that one particular test.


Majority of the universities in the United States will accept both, however please check with your dream school before processing. Some might require addition SAT subject tests but not too many universities do that.

Based on my experience, students tend to do a whole lot better on the ACT. Please keep in mind, the limit on taking  is 12 times, therefore what is stopping you from taking it? The rumor is that schools prefer you taking the test only 3 times and so on. Honestly, we don’t care. We have too many students to deal with, how will we know how many times you took it. Don’t report automatically your scores to the university. Get the results first and if they have improved then go for it.

Student ACT SAT

The best month to do ACT testing in is: December (again solely based from my experience). Why you may ask? Seniors are done applying for schools and most won’t take the test again.

 SAT testing

Majority juniors register for this test and it seems to be a whole lot easier. Therefore, take it! One of my students went from 23 on ACT to 33 when he took in December. Lucky, eh?Some universities will let you do “super scoring” or “stacking” as they refer to it. You can combine your best individual scores from multiple tests to help you come up with a better score. For example, say you did SAT testing in January and your scores were: Reading 600 Math 650 Writing 700, then you took it again in April and your new scores are: Reading 650 Math 400 Writing 600. Now, let’s select the best scores from individual tests: Reading 650, Math 650, Writing 700 and add them together 650+650+700=2000. Your new super score is higher than your individual tests. Please search for schools that will allow you to do that.


Some of you might say “I took it 3 times and that’s enough” or “it is so draining” or “I can’t take it again”. Just imagine when a year from now you received a bigger scholarship and now can afford taking trips with your classmates on the weekends instead of working part time.  Don’t throw away cash!