What you can learn from admission counselors

“Education is expensive, if you want something cheaper, try ignorance,” this is one of the clichés that has been well worn and said over a million times. But this cliché is a reality that painfully bites.

Let’s face it: it is getting harder for parents to pay for education and a lot of times students are forced to take out loans. During summer students try to get a job to help offset tuition cost. However, I personally know a lot of them that spent time hunting for high school scholarships and now do not have to work during their college career and instead focus on education. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to intern and add hours of work experience on your resume but after your tuition is paid for, you can choose where you would like to intern.This article lists five important points that admissions counselors shared with me to help you create a winning strategy for those particular high school scholarships you are after.

  • Get to know your admissions counselors. Keep in mind, first impression lasts for a long time. The first time that you might meet a university representative is at your high school fair. Come prepared. Wear a business casual outfit that portrays you as a focused individual looking to finance your education.  Introduce yourself and shake their hand firmly. Obtain all the necessary information about the university and ask for admission counselor’s business card.


  • Keep in touch. This is a very important point. Make sure you they remember your face and your name. After you collect their business card, immediately send an email and let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them and show a guanine interest in the institution they were representing. Remember that those people are gate keepers to your dream school and they know about the high school scholarships and funds better than anyone else.


  • Schedule a visit. After carefully reading and learning all the important factors about the institution, make a plan to visit it. Let your admissions representative know well in advance that you are coming and would love to visit them. Ask if you can attend a class, make sure they understand that this is the school you see yourself at and reinforce all the value you can add to that institution. Universities want to know why they should invest in you and not someone else.


  • Your grades matter. What you do in high school starting from your freshman year is important. Make a full effort in attending all your classes and trying best to score high. Keep in mind that even after you have been accepted to your dream university, your final grades do still have to be submitted. Stay on top of your grades and continue applying for high school scholarships.


  • Don’t forget to bargain. If you had an offer from other university but still want to attend your dream school, mention it to your admissions counselor or recruiter. Tell them why exactly they should have you as a student and what are you willing to contribute to the institution. 

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