Admissions Counselor Survival Tips


Tips to Survive as an Admissions Counselor at a University
If you are current Admissions Counselor or Recruiter at the University or College, you can relate! You are going to be on the road recruiting students the whole year, staying in numerous hotels and drinking coffee to stay alive. Welcome to the Club! Enjoy quick tips and hopefully the travel season won’t be as bad for you.

1. Panera bread and Starbucks will become your home away from home. Do get a Panera rewards card because you will receive free coffee and a pastry once in a while. They have free internet and cute guys dressed in suits. The card looks like this:

Admissions Counselor

2. Do sign up for hotel rewards, don’t forget to click on the state rate and will allow you to stay extra two hours after checkout just by being a member. They will also give cookies and crackers.

3. When on the road, be “gas price aware”, because small towns turn out to be a lot more expensive. Use on your mobile phone and search for a gas station near you, it gives you exact prices in the area.


4. Download Waze App. This app will save you numerous traffic tickets. Yes you will be speeding and driving a lot.
5. and have real reviews for hotels, read them. Do not stay in questionable hotels and look for hair on the pillows so your room can be upgraded.
6. You will be doing a lot of talking at the fair, keep a bottle of water handy at all times.

Bottle of Water
7. Have a great time, remember that not everybody will come to your school but the first impression that you will make on a student and their parents will last for a long time. Enjoy changing lives!

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