Save dollars on your college books

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If you are a college kid, you must be broke. Aren’t we all? I am here to share tricks that you can use to save you some dollars. If you want to do well in college, you have to study. You are required to be present in the classroom and of course bring necessary books and studying materials. Books are expensive! Here are the few websites that will help you save hundreds of dollars. These simple tips saved an average student around $500 per semester.

Step #1 Go to your first day of class and ask professor for a syllabus with book listed on it or ISBN. Do not purchase a book prior to going to your first day of class. Sometimes professors do not require a book for that particular class.

Step #2 Research and order your book the same day. You have at least 3 websites to check prior to your order.

Amazon Student Prime
offers prime (2day free shipping) to all the students with .edu email address for the first six months and after that it is 50% off. Believe me friends, it is worth it. You can find a book you need and get it shipped to your door within 2 days via UPS. If you do not want to purchase your book or if it is too expensive, there is an option of renting it.

chegg rental
– offers rentals and various coupons to students. They have done heavy marketing and students are loving it. Make sure to google around for “chegg coupons” to save extra dollars on shipping. Find the exact book and keep the site open with the final price. Then head over to the next site.

Book Renter
– is very similar to chegg but they are all here to make money and as competition getting stronger, you have to check several sites for the best deal. Once again, search “bookrenter coupons” and find discounts for shipping costs.

Amazon Rental

Amazon Rental
– is an option via that started recently. Now you have an option of renting a book and still using a prime service which means shipping in 2 days.

If I were you, I would compare all the prices and if Amazon comes up to be a dollar or two more but offers Prime shipping, go with the Prime. You will have the book delivered in 2 days and you will be ready for your homework. Good luck this semester!