5 tips on avoiding small mistakes

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5 tips on avoiding small mistakes that can cause you a rejection letter

“You hit home runs not by chance, but by preparation. – Roger Maris”

Social media is taking over the web and a lot of high school and college students do not realize how important it is to understand personal branding. You can be the best candidate out there but if your profile is not clean, you will not be picked. Follow these quick tips and increase your chances on being selected.

Tip #1

Clean up your Facebook. I can’t stress this enough, but scholarships and admissions committee do check out your Facebook page. It’s not a joke! If you have some questionable pictures or cuss words on your statuses, click a button – DELETE. If you spend all day watching videos on Socialcam, everyone can see it. Stop doing it. Keep your profile as clean as possible and select a clean, professional picture as your profile photo. Consider using a photographer or asking someone who is learning about photography to take one for a reasonable price.


Tip #2

Same goes for Twitter. Everything that you say on twitter can be searched and read. Please be very professional. Start following schools that you are interested in on twitter and students that are currently enrolled as well as accounts that list scholarships for college.

Tip #3

Make sure that your voicemail sounds professional. Students don’t realize that future employers can call and so do universities. Avoid rapping on your voicemail, joking or playing songs. Keep it clean and friendly. Practice recording your voicemail, speak slowly and clearly. When leaving voicemail on someone’s phone, speak directly with regards to a subject matter, repeat your name and a phone number twice and avoid mumbling.

Tip #4

Get an email that is with your name, for example jennyjones@gmail.com or dannyking@yahoo.com. Please avoid using names such as butterfly or superstar or anything random, you lose your credibility when a representative sees that and might miss your chance scoring those perfect scholarships for college.

Tip #5

Start working on your resume. Don’t simply list all the activities or organizations you were involved in but highlight your specific tasks and what kind of impact you were able to provide. Keep in mind that numbers stand out. For example: “Helped raise $1,000” vs. “Assisted with fundraiser”. Keep your resume under 2 pages maximum.

Put those tips into action. Remember small details matter. Treat this as your part time job and results will pay off. Students do receive plenty of scholarships for college and you will be one of them.

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