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Five projects to spice up your resume and win scholarships for college
When college officials and scholarship judges read your resume, they want to be inspired. They want to picture your particular project or volunteer work in their head, they want to experience it and live through it while reading your application. Every year piles and piles of resumes end up on judges table. What makes you so different?
Finding what your thing is, your passion is the key ingredient to your resume and high school activities. Having a great ACT or SAT score is a must but adding a well-polished resume to it will allow you to win extra dollars. Below are five outlined categories with an examples, find your niche and get involved in your school, your community, your home. Ask for support, get active and feel good about adding value to this society.

Education –
this is a very broad topic but you can break into smaller categories. Examine your school, talk to your teachers. Are there plenty of supplies in your classroom? Are your classes overcrowded? Are there students that don’t have anywhere to go after school because after school programs are not active? You can change it by starting a fund raiser and spreading awareness in your community.

Health and Fitness –
Look around your school. You will realize that there are numerous of overweight students and it is becoming a life-threatening issue in our society. Examine yourself and your eating habits. How often do you exercise? You can raise awareness by simply putting posters up and statistics about illnesses that are caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as diabetes and heart disease.

The environment –
We, humans, are the biggest polluters on this planet and it affects everyone, including you. Start a recycling program at your school, church or home. Switch from toxic chemicals in your house to natural cleaning and share it with your classmates.

Violence & Bullying
Every year bullying and violence distresses millions of kids at home and school. You can help stop it, it only starts with one person. You can make people aware of the growing problem of cyberbullying. Get on social media and start posting facts, speak up and do not be afraid. Be a good friend and listener to those that have been hurt by it, start an anti-bullying club in school.

Hunger and homelessness
Huge number of kids go to sleep hungry. Do you want to help to shrink that number? Host an events for kids that stay in shelters, give out warm clothes during cold months, make sure that local restaurants are able to donate food to local shelters.

Use these five ideas to start creating an awareness in your community, put in on your resume and speak with passion about it at your interview. When you truly care about a project, your eyes will sparkle. You will win their hearts, scholarships, dollars and of course help this society. This world needs you now.

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