Three mistakes to avoid when transferring to a University

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Scholarship Money

– majority of the universities will not give you dollars if you are transferring from a four year school unless you are an athlete and they want you there.

Sometimes students receive a scholarship from a four year institution right after high school but decide to go to community college first in order to save money. If you cancel that scholarship, you might not be able to pick it up. Majority universities have a high budget for incoming freshmen but very poor budget for transfers.

Check with your admissions counselor and see if it is possible to transfer after you complete at your local community college.

Transfer credits – if you are attending community college and planning on transferring to four year institution after, try to take only general studies without getting into your major. Major classes at four year university start with 3000 or 300 level but at community college you only have 2000 or 200 level.

Check to see if your community college has an agreement with a four year school. If that happens, they have to transfer your credits over without questions asked. For example, in the state of Alabama they have a program called Stars. Community college students in the state go by the Stars guide to make sure all of those classes will be transferred to a university in the same state.

There is no such thing as course forgiveness – students in their first year in college or a university tend to start off by having little too much fun. They fail a class, then retake it thinking their grade will erase. Remember, it will always be there on your transcript. If you fail at a community college level and then try to transfer to a four year institution, don’t think that you can just start all over. All your course work counts! Be very careful and take easier classes your first semester. Try to get a fill for a college lifestyle and train yourself on developing studying habits by visiting a library or a study center.