Five Tips for every High School Student that plans to go to College

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Congratulations! You are in High School, what an exciting time this is.

Tip #1:
your friends in HS most probably will not be your friends in college, please pay less attention to them but more to what you do in HS that will get you a scholarship you want to attend your dream college or university.

Tip #2:
what you do in HS starting from freshman year all the way to your senior year will matter a lot. It is time to push harder on your grades. All classes matter!

Tip #3:
start preparing to take SAT and ACT tests. It is never too early, start from your freshman year and get familiarized with the test itself. By the end of your junior year, you should take it at least three times.

Tip #4:
don’t get too caught up in doing all the extracurricular activities just to make it look good on a resume, pick three of your favorite and do them well. For instance say you are a star football player, which is great but join another club in your high school, so you can have something to talk about on an interview besides football. Try to be a well-rounded student and success will follow.

Tip #5:
watch your social media networks and did I say WATCH your social media networks? We are professionals at spying on you. I do it myself daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram just to name a few.  If you decide to show off your body parts, use profanity or disrespect, you can kiss goodbye to some of the scholarships and offers.